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Looking for Switz + Liech + Others!

Hetaera, a historical Hetalia Roleplay.

A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay.  Serious Roleplay where we still remember Hetalia is a parody.    

The description is just what it says above.  

We are looking for almost all characters, except for:
Japan, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Finland, England, Spain, Germany,  Norway, and Russia.
In case of two applicants going for the same character, we will compare the applications and pick the better one of the two.

we are currently not accepting any OC's, because the main Canon characters need to be filled.   If you stay on the forum for a long enough time, we will start accepting more OC's as more canon characters join us.  If you also would liek a notice about when  you want to be notified of OC openings, we can also put you on a list and PM you when OC spots are open.  

Please provide the following to your application form:      

Note: Sensitive Matters may be mentioned insensitively.  Please keep your mind set open and ready for new opinions.

Character you're applying for:   
Detailed history of the country: 
Sample post  : (If you can't think of anything we can provide prompts)
Do you roleplay anywhere else / Do you have a place where we can see your logs or roleplay history?: 

Please PM me, hetaera22 with any applications or questions if you are interested and one of our mods will reply to you asap.  (hetaera.friendhood.net/forum.htm )
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